Starting off on the right foot: the introduction

‘Earthly – characteristic of or belonging to this earth’

First of all, a warm welcome to my brand new blog!

Let me get straight to the point and tell you the reason why I’m, starting this blog. Since a couple of years, I have felt this drive to make a difference for ‘the planet’s sake’. I mean, we can’ t really deny it anymore, right? That climate change is a so-called ‘hoax’? It is already showing its effects on our planet… Slowly, I created more awareness of my daily actions. This led to some changes in my own habits in order to become a ‘greener’ person. Better for my self-conscience and better for Mother Earth ;).

Since your reading the story of a some-kind-of-sustainable-newbie: don’t shoot me! Personally, I’m still searching for more ways how to become a more sustainable person. That’s how the seed of ‘Earthly Iris’ was planted. My purpose of this tiny space on the world wide web is not only to (hopefully) inspire you to begin to think ‘a little greener’. It will also be a personal journey to become a more sustainable person myself! That is why I’m planning to write about several subjects. Those will range from personal research articles to green recipes, eco-tourism along with a dash of minimalism. And everything in between, as long as it’s green!

So, do you feel similar to me? You would like to make some small, sustainable, changes in your everyday life? But you’re wondering how to introduce these small changes? Yes, I’m implying the word small because, in the end, all these tiny changes will have a huge impact! Did you know that nowadays at least the half of the World’s population has internet access? Can you imagine if those 4 billion people got more aware of the impact we have on our future generations? At the end that would be a lot of people thinking in a more sustainable way…

Change starts with awareness. Awareness starts with knowledge.
I’m looking forward to this journey!


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