My Sustainable New Years Resolutions for 2019

eartlyiris sustainable New Years resolutions

Wow,  can you believe the year 2018 is nearly over? For me, the time between Christmas and New Years is a perfect time to reflect back and plan some new goals for next year. Did I learned something new or made a difference in any way? I have set a few goals for me to achieve this year: my own personal sustainable New Years Resolutions for 2019!

Why not combine self-improvement with sustainability to help create a better World around us?


Over the last years, more and more news concerning the fashion industry popped up (watch this short documentary to get an idea). Several resources claim that ‘fast-fashion’ is a major industry that contributes to a lot of negative environmental impact. Big chains of fashion clothes are purely focussed on fast and cheap production of clothes. Did you know that many of these fast-fashion stores change their collections every two to three weeks?! No matter the impact they leave on their employees or the environment.  For me, a logical step is to stop contributing to an industry like that and research for more ethical options!

earthly iris clothing sustainable New Years resolutions
Image via Unsplash – Priscilla DuPreez

This year I was privileged enough to go on a long-term holiday. My partner and I had the time of our lives while we traveled for four consecutive months. I still can’t believe how lucky I am and how much we both experienced during this trip. But ask me one thing I regret and I’ll answer: ‘the time we spent in the air’. Sadly, flying is one of the most polluting ways of travel. So, the next thing to add to my list of my sustainable New Years Resolutions is to skip the plane in the future!  Luckily, I’m blessed with a partner who agrees with me on his topic. Besides that, there are plenty of alternative solutions to reach my destinations.

earthly iris plane Sustainable New Years Resolutions
Image via Unsplash – Sacha Verheij
Replant my vegetable garden

Last season I searched for an easy way to produce fair fruits and vegetables while aiding the local bees. I learned that owning your own vegetable garden doesn’t take up that much space or time. Besides, I thought it was really fun to see my own plants grow! Last winter I started with a set-up similar to the one displayed in the picture below. As you can see, it only had a limited surface area but I grew several species of vegetables in only one season. I’m definitely replanting it next year!

earthlyiris easy vegetable garden
Image via AdobeStock
Keep on Blogging!

2018, the year I started my blog! That is one of my sustainable New Years Resolutions achieved (; A few years back a documentary sparked my interest in subjects like climate change and the pollution of our home planet. Over the last 6 months, I decided to explore these interests in a more structured way by writing about them. Why? I used to feel completely helpless as a single person against these major issues. On a positive note, I firmly believe that one person can have a huge positive impact. Even if it’s just to make one other person reflect on one specific subject. The most daunting challenges will be easy to face if we’d all bundle our forces together!

Let us all focus on creating a better future for our planet in 2019. Did you set some goals for the coming year?


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