15 Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Christmas gift earthlyiris

Christmas is right around the corner! A beautiful time of giving – and receiving. Did you find suitable Christmas gifts for everyone? If not, don’t worry! These last-minute tips will guide you towards giving the perfect gift. And while we’re at it, why not help towards a better future at the same time?

  • Give a tree or plant A gift that helps towards a more carbon-neutral life (;
  • Plan the perfect movie night – Set a date, prepare a lot of snacks, chose a few movies and create the perfect spot to chill.
  • Tickets to a comedy show – And return home with a stomach ache caused by laughing!
  • Give a day-pass to the spa for two – What’s better than relaxing after a hectic December month?
  • Surprise with a cooking class – Why not consider a class that focusses on creating a meal without animal related products?
  • Try out a new sport together – With a new year quickly approaching, why not try something new? Together is less scary then alone.
  • Buy a gift card of his or her favorite coffee shop That is definitely not a wasted gift. 
  • Buy a reusable travel mug – Did you know that most coffee shops will happily pour coffee in your own mug?
  • Give an E-book – Maybe one that focusses on sustainability?
  • Buy a gift from the thrift shop –  Help towards a circular economy and help the item towards a second life!
  • Plan a professional photoshoot – Who doesn’t love a set of good photo’s?
  • Organize a wine tasting event at home – Wine is always a good idea!
  • A GuppyFriend washbag – Collect the nylon- and plastic microfibers from your clothing before it escapes to our sewage system (and eventually in our seas).
  • Plan a whole day of surprises – It all starts with a road trip to an unknown destination…
  • Donate to a charity – If your loved one doesn’t care that much about receiving Christmas gifts, why not make a donation in their name?

Christmas tree earthlyiris

Don’t you agree that we already own too much? We live in an economy that almost forces us to buy stuff we don’t really need. As a result, our discarded junk fills up our a good part of our Earth’s surface. So why not give less? And if it’s expected of you to give a (materialistic) gift – be thoughtful and give something useful. Besides, what if I asked you to answer this question: what is the most important aspect of Christmas? No, it’s not the Christmas gifts. Spending time with loved ones, isn’t it?


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  1. Awesome list! I love the movie night and especially love the Thrift store shopping. A big fan myself and a great idea for gift giving. And then of course all of the “experience” gift ideas are lovely. Thank for sharing! Nice Blog all around!

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