Bioplastic, what does this term mean?

Bioplastic compostable bag

A rise against single-use plastics. It’s happening! Did you know that the European Parliament recently approved a ban? A step in the right direction, if you ask me. Sadly, it’s too late for a lot of marine species. Last month, a whale washed up with more than 1000 pieces of plastic in its stomach – including 25 plastic bags.  No discussion needed: we need more sustainable options! Is ‘bioplastic’ the answer?

It turns out that the term ‘bioplastic’ is quite a confusing one…

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Why NOT to care about fallen leaves in your garden

Summer has come to an end and autumn is here! Days are getting shorter every day, the temperature gradually drops and leaves change color. This, in combination with some strong winds, results in a perfect recipe for piles of fallen leaves everywhere.

It seems to be an annual fall tradition for many. Grab the rake and completely clear the (front)yard of all its leaves once they reach the surface. I always wondered if this is a just a nice Sunday afternoon activity for some people. Is it actually beneficial to nature or is it okay to ignore the mess?

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A Dutch approach towards the diminishing bee populations

Bees are some hard-working insects that are very important to us! You may not notice it at first but we actually rely a lot on them. They pollinate 75% of the plants that we consider as food. So, without the presence of bees, we would have a lot fewer fruits and vegetables available. Unfortunately, we’re dealing with diminishing bee populations at an alarming rate (according to Green Peace). Remember, bees need all the help they can get!

But Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, may have found an answer towards the diminishing bee populations!

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